Jay "The Hammer" Hamilton Benefit
November 14, 2010 at Eddie Dean's
Najwa Karam Rider-Airport Hyatt
Karen Waldrup-Debut at A Wine Bar-CEO Network-Other singer: Sarah Jane
Ryan's Manor-Manifet Foundation,
Button's in Desoto-R&S Jazz, Women's Networking
Nick & Sam's
Dallas Toy Fair
Ft Worth Harambee Festival
Global Summit for SMU
Naram Cafe Concert-Sheraton
Superbowl @ Stadium
Pre-bowl @ Sheraton
Pre-bowl-Downtown Hyatt
Reebok Pre-bowl
Adolphis Head's of ATT meeting
Head's of 7-Downtown Hyatt
Botox Meeting-Intercontinental
Jurassic Rock
Sonic League
Bob Luke
Majik Touch
Memorial Productions
Bob Burke & Various Musican Memorial
September 16, 2008
Roger "The Dean of Rock and Role" Pavlica and those he loved
November 23, 2011 at Lonestar Roadhouse

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