With our consultation package we offer one on one individualized attention to your event. We review your preferences and provide you with costing estimates and consideration. This can give you an opportunity to determine whether or not you are able to stay within your proposed budget, consider other options, obstacles and considerations you might have overlooked.


We take the information gathered from our event team and create an event like none other. Sure you have a vision in mind. We will present you with suggestions and ideas you might want to incorporate into your event. This service provides you with full fledge support and assistance in planning your event. We plan from inception to completion. You can relax as we develop a game plan, create an itinerary, and customize your event. This support feature takes alot of the hassle out of event planning while you handle the other


Once all planning has been complete we manage the entire production of the event. This is our event coordination service portion. We are there with you to ensure plan schematics are aligned and can be accomplished according to your wishes. We are on site, orchestrating your entire event ensuring the sequence of events is in order. This feature also checks the equipment and services prior to the event to check and test overlooked items to prevent issues with set up, audio visual equipment failure and ensure guest accommodations are met. We make sure the event runs smoothly and any hiccups are transparent to the audience.


We can provide an extra creative eye to make an event space come to life. The decorative consultation consists of us looking at the event space. Taking your vision and bringing it to life with an abundance of color and personality through our decorative design portfolio. The blue prints and schematics are presented and you make the decision on which layout works for you.


Working with vendors can be an arduous task. It takes time and negotiations skills. If any unperceived issue arise, we are on hand to address it with the proper vendor or venue official. This service option also includes vendor/venue negotiations feature. We try to stay close to your budget through negotiations as vendors and venues bid on your event. You will receive a list of vendors, along with pricing in order for you to make a more educated decision aiding you in your selection process. Once all vendors are chosen, we will go over their requirements and guarantees. If you choose we can also allocate the payments to the selected vendor. During the event, we make sure they are keeping up with their end of the bargain. We also will handle any discrepancies and lack of service as it arises.

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