Woodstock's next event, or your event, will set the stage for celebration and capture the imagination of the family audience with spectacular music and production. The diversification of national entertainment mixed with popular regional bands, will allow the family a reasonably priced day or night of entertainment that will open their hearts and eyes to a greater appreciation of culture outside their own experiences.  It is our goal that the next Woodstock production leaves everyone with lasting memories and anticipation of our return.

 By providing a truly "special" mix of entertainment: national country music headliners, country music legends, contemporary Christian artist, jazz greats, symphonies, television stage celebrates, ethnic entertainers, rock, pop, blues,  and unique discoveries of local performers, Woodstock production will be the "in" place attracting both young and old.
                                                *ARTS AND CRAFTS*
    We propose quality arts & crafts exhibitors whose work is consistent with the overall scheme of the event.

    Local and regional food vendors and restaurants will be solicited to sell a variety of cuisines. 

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