At Woodstock events there will be unlimited amount of exposure for our sponsors to showcase their product.  We propose positioning the event as a marketing partnership, a vehicle to showcase both the Woodstock production and the product of our sponsors.  Sponsorships are always sought after.  Whether it is media, transportation, hotel, printing, etc, there are many opportunities for companies and organizations to get involved in ways that benefit both Woodstock Events and the product of the sponsor.

While you may have seen similar productions.  What you have not seen previously, is free family entertainment and sponsorship exposure combined at this level. This concept is designed to instill a positive message through entertainment and provide a boost to the local economy. We feel aligning selective national and local sponsorships along with not for profit company exposure will provide a synergy to maximize exposure and a benefit for everyone. Additionally, the concept is aligned to provide a free night of entertainment to the local communities when times are at there hardest.
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